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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The happy dog you see in our logo is just not anybody. It is a dog that is extremely important to our very being and lives deeply within the hearts of Audun and Mia. Loosey is her name. And she is the very reason Audun and Mia found love and started the journey that took us here.

Loosey was born in Alta, Norway. Some of her brothers and sisters were named Righty, Thighty and Lefty. She was a cute little husky, born into a litter of 8, and her mother was named Lynet (Lightning). At the time Audun was working for Mia as a handler in Alta. After he ended the work Loosey was given to Audun as an addition to his payment. Mia decided to bring Loosey with her to Audun and they decided together to spend summer vacation together. Love grew between them both and when it was time for Mia to go home - they had started a relationship.

Audun and Loosey moved to Svalbard and not long after Mia moved up together with them. Loosey followed wherever they went and became the very spirit of their relationship. She was therefor a natural choice when they needed a logo for Svalbard Husky. She joined Audun and Mia on everything from kayaking, helicopter flights, skiing, sledding, boat trips, hikes and expeditions. She had a fearless heart and a curiosity unlike any other. She is the mother of 5 dogs in the yard named Winchester, Remington, Tikka, Ruger and Wesson.

Sadly, Loosey passed away 14.04.2020 after a complication during pregnancy. She is sorely missed, but always remembered.

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