Our dogs

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What food do they eat?

We give a mixture of meat, dryfood, salmon oil, vitamin powder and hot water. The meat we use is from Nortura - normaly consisting of animal intestent from cow. We change the amount of fat and protein depending on the season. The dryfood we use is the 4800 from Royal Canin. They get fed everything from 1 time a day, up to 4 times a day depending on the weather (how cold or warm).

Do they live outside all year around?

Yes and no. Some always lives inside on the coach.

But most of them live outside until they enter retirenment (around the age of 10). The Alaska Husky dog race is breed for the purpose of living outside and has a thick double layered fur coat. Their comfort temperature is around -25. But they still get a house to seek shelther in for warmth and shade.

Do they want to do this?

We never ever force anyone to run. They do this only because they love it. They are breed for running and much like some of us we need to go out running to feel happy. If they do not want to run there is usually two reasons. #1 They are getting old and tired - so it is time to move in to the coach. #2 They are injured or bored of work - we find them a nice family where they can live out their happy lives in retirnment.

How many dogs do you have?

We have 106 dogs. 83 is working, the rest are puppies and retired dogs. We have this many dogs to ensure we meet the high season with enough dogs so they can run and rest, and that in the low season we can train them all by ourselves.

How old do they get?

The average age is around 15 years old. Our oldest became 19 years (Ajax) and our oldest now is 14 years (Britt Torill)

Can I adopt a dog?

Even better - you can become a sponsor! - Check it out: SvalbardHuskySponsor Yes you can. But it is a long way to deserve one of our dogs. They are our most precious family members and we only want them to go to the best family possible. So you need to get to know Mia and Audun in person and sign a long contract.

It is very likely you will get a no - do not feel bad about that. Audun and Mia have a lot of dog mushing friends that have retirnemtn yards. A lot of our employees also gets a dog or two because they fall in love and create a strong connection with some of the dogs.