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The ambition is to be a leader in environmental and climate work on Svalbard. This means that we are to minimise the impact our installations have on the natural diversity and landscape values of Svalbard, and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the import of materials and visit of guests. 

In order to achieve our ambition, we are prioritising the following areas in our environmental and climate strategy:

  • Teaching our employees about the diversity and importance of environmental protection.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our own activities, purchases and service.

  • Building out renewable energy solution to power the dog yard.

  • Recycling and reusing.

These areas have been selected on the basis of our environmental impact and the environmental and climate risks we have charted.

Climate measures in tourism

In order to control and overview our impact and use we are a part of the Eco-Lighthouse group. They help us set goals, get statistic overviews and collect all information on one place. Each year we do a report to show our progress and tasks, and every three years we do a recertification together with a personal from the Eco-Lighthouse to control and help us with new goals for the coming years.


Our environmental policy


Showing consideration for the environment constitutes a key aspect of our practical work. Our environmental policy focuses on our accepting holistic environmental responsibility in the planning, development and operation of our installations. The environmental policy is part of Svalbard Husky's HSE policy and comprises seven elements:

  • Svalbard Husky (SH) will improve its own environmental performance and be a driving force in environmental work in tourism on Svalbard.

  • SH works for continuous improvement of its environmental performance and will work actively to reduce the company's impact on the environment.

  • SH shall comply with government-imposed and separate requirements, and environmental management shall be in accordance with the Eco-Lighthouse, and ensure systems for coordination and follow-up of environmental work.

  • SH shall ensure a high level of environmental awareness and competence throughout the company. Employees and partners must be aware of the group's significant environmental aspects.

  • SH shall emphasize and integrate environmental considerations early in the planning and implementation of projects and when purchasing products and materials. Development projects must be carried out with a strong environmental focus.

  • SH will conduct an open, constructive and proactive dialogue with partners, local communities, authorities, Visit Svalbard and other stakeholders to reduce the environmental impact.

  • SH seeks solutions to environmental challenges through the Eco-Lighthouse.

Environmental certification


Svalbard Husky has been certified according to The Eco-Lighthouse since 2017/2018 and re-certificated again in 2020 and 2023. We also require our suppliers to be environmentally certified. The standard is used as a framework for ongoing improvement of our environmental and climate work. You can read more about it here: 


Follow us on some of our many projects and see what we do to give a little back to protect and help the nature we love. You can also read more about us and our dogs to see who we are.



One of our biggest projects is making a usage of the poop our dogs produce. 

It is extremely important to us that the dogs have clean living areas and warm houses, therefor we spend a lot of time cleaning around the houses and taking care of their sleeping room. 

We produce about 

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